The Whole Package: WallyPark Airport Parking

The Whole Package – Reservations to Revenue

WallyPark Airport Parking is a national offsite parking operator servicing multiple major International airports across the United States including Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle. With 10 locations, WallyPark provides a wide range of parking options, including self, valet, covered, uncovered parking 24 hours daily while offering complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport curbside.

WallyPark was established more than 25 years ago to turn airport parking from a commodity business to a service-driven experience – from just providing no-frills airport parking, to creating a customer-centric experience based on hospitality and convenience. WallyPark and Modern Impact – an industry leader in people-based omni-channel marketing – utilize Space Genius technology to run the operations and enable seamless connections for marketing and loyalty.

The Challenge

To support and build revenue for 15 locations across ten cities in the U.S., WallyPark depends on easy online reservations, integrated loyalty and a custom mobile app to drive today’s consumers to book. Marketing includes national and location-based efforts to drive reservations and promote the loyalty program and mobile app, which must be supported by the latest technology.

The Solution

Space Genius provides custom technology solutions for WallyPark to streamline airport parking reservations for valet and self-park, check-in and check-out, and the ability to add services to a reservation like car washes and oil changes.

The Space Genius data management platform and cross-platform integrations align with WallyPark and Modern Impact for:

Dynamic rates via Central Reservation System
Marketing and Reservations Website
Native Mobile App for Reservations, Shuttle Tracking and Loyalty
Programmatic Digital Service Provider
Social Media Advertising and Promotions
Email Service Provider
Digital Signage

The WallyPark website and mobile app continue to mature as we enhance and truly streamline the user experience time and again. Efforts include connecting platforms for real-time API calls to serve the ads, marketing communications, landing pages, rates and more. While user experience and real-time bidding media platforms are great, they don’t convert without creative that speaks to each user. That’s why we employ seasonal ad and website refreshes to continue to maximize media, website and mobile app performance.

The Results

Today, with Park Right’s integrated smartMAP feature, customers can easily select an available space at any one of Park Rights multiple facilities and, in as little as sixty seconds, make a pre-paid reservation which guarantees their spot – 24/7. At some, they can even schedule and pre-pay for “auxiliary detailing services,” as well.

Because WallyPark has strategically invested in Space Genius’s data-driven capabilities, they can enable a holistic user reservation experience to maximize yield and revenue across all marketing channels. Space Genius helps WallyPark offer a unique blend of benefits to customers that no other parking entity offers:

Custom Mobile App

In partnership with Modern Impact and PRS, we have built and continue to update and maintain a custom mobile app designed specifically for WallyPark – giving our customers a useful tool in the palm of their hands. We promote downloads and functionality via our advertising strategy. The WallyPark app allows users to track shuttles and text for pick up, make and manage their reservations, and earn and redeem loyalty points for free parking. Users can also add ancillary car care services to their reservation to be completed while they are away.

Customer Experience Technology

The Space Genius API allows WallyPark to customize and create their own On-Domain user interface and reservation experience that can be modified based on click-flow user journey data (e.g. corporate account members). and manage their reservations, and earn and redeem loyalty points for free parking. Users can also add ancillary car care services to their reservation to be completed while they are away.

The WallyClub Loyalty Platform

WallyClub is also a customized interface of the loyalty program, which stores and maintains user data and allocates points for users to earn and redeem one point for every $1 spent. Again, WallyPark was able to create their own loyalty platform from the Space Genius API.

Corporate Program

WallyPark works with companies to provide a negotiated rate for employees to use for business or leisure – with no blackout dates. Because the corporate discounts are tied to the user’s WallyClub loyalty account, they are easily applied online or on the mobile app.