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Whether you operate an off-airport, off-cruise port, downtown or hotel parking facility, an online parking reservation system is an absolute must in today’s competitive landscape. Gone are the days of telephone reservations that require extra staff, call centers and manual processes.

Online reservation technology is here to stay and is assumed, if not demanded, by your customers. So embrace this great technology and reap the benefits! Here are just a few:

Revenue Management

In today’s economy big data is highly valued. One of the many benefits of collecting customer data is for use in revenue management. Revenue management uses customer data and other metrics to analyze and make intelligent pricing and inventory decisions.

An online parking reservation system that not only collects data but also provides robust reporting needed for analysis are critical to revenue management. Using this data and reporting, combined with dynamic pricing strategies and inventory allotment will help you boost your revenue.

Customer Convenience

Today’s sophisticated customers demand convenience and speed. The ability to pre-pay a reservation online is one of the main reasons customers book in advance, for a hassle-free parking experience.

A well-executed real-time online parking reservation system allows customers to book a secure reservation quickly and conveniently, pay online and receive an email confirmation – all in three easy clicks!

Customer Rewards

Did you know that getting new customers can cost up to five times more than keeping current ones? And even more telling is that profits can be increased by up to 125% by a mere 5% reduction in lost customers! It is clear that a customer loyalty program can increase your profits.

A white-label online reservation system equipped with a customer loyalty program that can be integrated into your existing website is the best solution to keeping your loyal customers. A sophisticated online reservation system will allow you to collect data, reward the customer based on buying behavior and define and customize the reward system.

Customer Experience

Customers today assume that the best companies offer them a seamless buying experience – one that can begin on one channel or device such as a laptop, and continue on any other such as a tablet, phone, web or in person.

This experience is only available through omni-channel capability within an online reservation system. Very few systems have this capability but finding one that does is definitely worth the search.


With all that rich customer data collected through the online reservation system process, you will then be able to market to your customer base. In addition to thanking them with rewards, you can launch digital marketing campaigns via social media, PPC, email and more.

Use of omni-channel technology allows the operator to define, segment, implement and track multiple marketing campaigns offering multiple pricing strategies on multiple channels.

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