The Market

This operator is an offsite airport parking company that provides valet parking services on a college campus located near a regional airport.

The Challenge

The local airport authority had extremely high, uncontested parking rates. The client decided to offer discount rates to the college and the public with the extra parking spaces available on the college campus. Additionally, they desired to introduce their new branded services to the online community without using aggregators (third party marketing websites).

The Solution

We created an interactive Facebook page for the client to generate a community atmosphere and to encourage Parker loyalty. To further this effort, we made reservations easier and faster for the client by allowing customers to reserve a real-time parking space through Facebook without leaving the Facebook environment. Additionally, occasional deals were promoted only on Facebook to encourage the sharing and liking of their page.

The Results

Facebook quickly grew to be one of the company’s most visited sites. Since adding the reservation system exclusive to Facebook, the client has experienced immediate success with an increase in daily reservation totals and a new trackable revenue source. For example, in a single promotion, the company secured 62 Facebook reservations (over $10,000 in social sales) in one day. This operator continued to satisfy their current customers and developed new relationships with their Facebook marketing strategy.